Medical Services


When we first get news of a patient, we start assembling a team. The Chamber requires 4 people to operate it; A supervisor, Operator, Tender and Med Tech/Doctor. We need two certified Chamber Operators for each treatment (the supervisor being one), before starting the procedure. We then start looking for tenders, usually going to our DMTs/MSDTs first.

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Dive Related Injuries

Decompression Sickness

A disorder caused by the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the blood and tissues following a sudden drop in the surrounding pressure and characterized by joint pain, skin irritation, cramps, numbness, and, in severe cases, paralysis.

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What to look for

The presentation of DCS is frequently idiosyncratic — that is, its “typical” pattern can be atypicality. In some cases, an affected diver’s chief complaint may draw attention away from more subtle but potentially more important symptoms.

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When to call the Doctor

What is the first action a rescuer should take in the event of a scuba diving injury? In addition to alerting emergency medical services, a rescuer should administer 100% oxygen to the victim of a scuba diving accident, regardless of his suspected injury

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